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10 Crucial Apps for Any College Student

College students have unique needs and while many apps cater to those needs, these 10 apps are the must haves.

Liney Kindler
August 12, 2020

1. WinkShare

Designed to encourage your cheekiest while protecting your most vulnerable self, WinkShare allows for the free exchange of messages, photos, and videos, whatever their nature. In the WinkShare app lives a host of educational content pertaining to healthy relationships, consent, online privacy, and more. Explore your wants; satisfy your needs; and send a Wink. With WinkShare.

2. Wellnest

Founded by four University of Michigan students in response to the student mental health crisis, Wellnest provides a guided journal for mental wellbeing. Simply speak into your device’s microphone, and the app will translate speech to text, in the form of a journal entry. With daily prompts, featured topics, and question packs designed to help students tackle their daily challenges, Wellnest is our guide to a grateful and intentional tomorrow. 

3. Hinge

My friend Hannah once called me. It was a Saturday night in March, and she had five minutes prior fled from the local fraternity. “Liney,” she said, “If one more boy with not two brain cells to rub together tries (oh, so pitifully) to seduce me, I think I may vomit. I’m doing it. Tonight. I’m downloading Hinge. I want a boyfriend, and I want him now.” With a clever “Designed to be deleted” international ad campaign, Hinge, the relationship-oriented dating app, will restore your faith in young love. Just maybe.

4. Quizlet

Create your own study materials. Share with friends. Take charge. If you’re learning Spanish, like I am, too, you will find an unexpected ally in Quizlet’s “Spell” mode because, yes, “Desarrolladores” is a tough one. Oh, and, of course, study on the go. Yes, even study if you are on your way to the test, and this is the first time you are visiting your study set. We have all been there.

5. Headspace:

Even if you have never once in your life thought to meditate, it is not too late. It never will be. Let a British man soothe you with his imperialist intonations, and surrender your mind to your physical body. From “Basics,” to “Stress & anxiety,” to “Falling asleep & waking up,” Headspace is the perfect ally in the emotionally volatile world of college. Take a beat, close your eyes, and let Headspace rock you towards restoration.

6. Sleep Cycle

Using sound analysis to identify sleep stages, (think non-rapid and rapid eye movement, that is non-REM and REM sleep,) Sleep Cycle facilitates your most harmonious night’s rest. During your set “Wake-Up Phase,” Sleep Cycle monitors signals from your body to gently wake you when you are closest to the surface of full consciousness. “Oh,” you think, “Maybe Sleep Cycle is how those early-bird wizards make it to 9:00 AM econ.”

7. Nike Training

With professionally designed workouts from a global network of more than 600 fitness experts, Nike Training provides students with what they need to grow stronger. Whatever that may be. Free of charge. Build all your muscle groups with a variety of workout videos. Sync any music you have on apple music to play in the background of your grueling routines. And make your gains. 

8. Picolo

With just your phone, at least two players, and a free spirit, Piccolo will get your night going. Gather your friends together for the perfect pre-party activity. Play truth or dare, never have I ever, or, if the night is really spicy, find “Hot Mode” and let your inhibitions sail far, far away.

9. Depop

Having amassed a community of more than 13 million users, Depop allows for fluid exchange of fashion goods. On Depop, you can find a Victorian-style dress with orange buttons; or a custom shirt tailored to your body’s exact measurements; or a velvet handbag with a faux fur trim; or, the list goes on. Create what is completely your own style in college with the innumerable pieces available to you on Depop. Save your closet, your money, and your planet all at the same time, with Depop.

10. CamScanner

“A tiny scanner in your back pocket,” your teacher explains after asking you (over Zoom, of course) to “Please download the CamScanner application onto your phone.” If you are finishing an assignment at the last minute, instead of running (and sweating) across campus to turn in the assignment to your professor’s office, CamScanner allows you to submit a PDF directly from your phone. Unexpectedly, CamScanner, helping you to scan, store, sync, and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets, and computers, is now your most treasured app.

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