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Digital Pivacy Basics

How does one preserve online privacy? At WinkShare, we make online privacy a priority with end-to-end encryption and local storage. Learn what these features are in this blog post!

Katie Vasquez
August 11, 2020

Even if you are new to WinkShare, we are sure you have heard the term at least once before: online privacy. At WinkShare, we make online privacy a priority with end-to-end encryption and local storage. To start, you may want to know: What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is intended to prevent data being read or secretly modified, while in transit. The messages are encrypted by the sender with a unique lock and key. This means that a third party, like WinkShare, does not have a means, or key, to decrypt them. Only the recipient has the key to decrypt them. End-to-end encryption is always turned on, meaning nothing needs to happen on your end, and there is no way to turn it off, so you are always being protected. 

An additional layer of protection is that all of WinkShare’s content is locally stored. Why does WinkShare use local storage and not cloud storage? What’s the difference? Photos, videos, other media are stored locally on your phone, not backed up anywhere. This means your messages and content are never sent anywhere and only live on your device. Cloud storage is the process of storing digital data in an online space that spans multiple servers and locations, and it is usually maintained by a hosting company. Local storage is safer in this case because there is less of a chance that your information can be hacked into, thus making it more secure. 

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