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Make Your Long Distance Relationship Thrive

The best advice to have a thriving long distance relationship. Take it from us, we have experience!

The WinkShare Team
August 1, 2020

Long distance relationships can be scary, especially when it’s a new relationship (or during COVID-19) and you're not sure when you're going to see your partner again. Not to fret! These tips will not only keep your relationship going, but help it thrive.

1. You don't need to talk everyday— don't put your life on hold

You may think that daily communication is key to a great relationship, but be careful. Your snapchat streak can continue fine, but don't text, tag, retweet, or call your person everyday. For most people, their day to day lives— especially right now— aren't changing that frequently. This means there's not much to update your significant other on, and the conversations can get boring. Instead, play a little game of apple pool or make that snap a funny one to bring a little joy to your person without being annoying or overbearing.

2. Quality conversation

When you are ready to talk, be ready with some good conversation starters and stories. You may even have some pent up frustration that you're ready to get out. If so, make a night of it! Romance yourself to bring romance to the call.

3. Stay positive

If you have a positive outlook from the beginning and throughout, you will be happy— and you'll be bringing that confidence into the relationship. Once you start doubting, it’s easier for everything to fall apart.

4. Manage expectations

It’s likely that you and your partner are in different time zones or have different work schedules. If you two can go in with a plan on how many times a week you can FaceTime or call each other, it’ll make communication less stressful.

5. Do activities together

Set up Netflix Party and watch your favorite show together. Pick a book for both of you to read and discuss each week. If you're going for a walk, driving home (safely), or eating dinner by yourself, give your partner a call.

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